Thus you can find your lost smart phone .

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In todays time smartphone is like lifeline for everybody . If ever your smart mobile get lost then that will be a critical situation for you . Many times we lose our samrt phone here and there in our home and then we forget about that . We may forget our phone at  friend’s home , some where at shop counter .

We get angree when it’s very urgent to use internet or to call someone but we can’t find our phone . Google created a feature , using that feature you can find your phone easily . It works only for android smart phones .

Find Lost Android Smart Phone.

Follow the following steps to find your android phone it’s free and easy to find android phone .

  1. First open home page of google i.e. on different computer .
  2. Login with the same account ID that you used to login on playstore in your smart phone .
  3. Now type in search bar “Where’s my phone?” as soon as you hit search button a map will show your phone location .
  4. Google will trace your phone location and tell you where is it currently .
  5. Once you find the location you can search your phone at correct location without wasting your time .
  6. If you forgot your phone in the home but you couldn’t remeber where actually you forgot then you can also ring on your phone , it will ring even if your phone was in silent mode .
  7.  But only 1 thing is required is your phone should have power and not switch-off and should be connected with internet .

Find your I-phone

Where’s my phone?” trick does not work for I-phones , but same as google , there is a feature for I-phone . You can find your I-phone through Icloud .

  1. Go to and login with apple ID , which you use on your I-phone .
  2. There you’ll see many icons , click on Find iphone .
  3. Then you’ll see a map which will show you , your iphone location .
  4. This feature will work only if your phone has battery (phone should not be switched off) and connected with internet .

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