Know Terms Related To Wireless Technology.

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Today so many wireless technologies are available in market so let’s know some terms related to wireless technology.

wi-fi new terms or words

Everyday new technologies come in market that we cannot remember their names and knowing their details is far thing. Now in such situation if someone says to you that connect your gadgets with DLNA, can you understand this new term? If this is first time you are listening this word or reading than you have no idea what is DLNA? So let’s know some terms related to wireless technology.


DLNA means Digital Living Network Alliance. This wireless technology is mostly used in Smart-phones, Tablets, Gaming Consoles, Media Players, Cameras and Smart TVs.

Using this technology tow wireless devices can share contents. This also supports printing with compatible printers.

Wi-Fi Direct

As it is clear from the name that this technology can set up direct wireless connection between tow devices. Normally devices to be connected with only one network and then both device can communicate each other. In Wi-Fi direct compatible devices connects directly and find wireless network themselves.


Wi-Fi 802.11

The category of Wi-Fi can be decided based on some standard. These standards are currently used for Wi-Fi  -:

  • 11 B
  • 11 G
  • 11 N
  • And latest 802.11 AC

802.11 AC is used only in few routers and it’s maximum data transfer speed is 3.6 GB/S.


NFC means – Near Field Communication. This technology develops magnetic field in small range so tow devices can connect but for this connection both devices need to be near to each other. The advantage of this technology is that, it connects NFC ready devices immediately.


This technology is developed by Intel. Using this technology we can transfer audio, video and photos wireless on computer or TV. If your computer is Wi-Di ready than you need to attach a Wi-Di adapter to TV if you want to stream content on TV.

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