How TO Use Bold And Italic Text In Whtasapp Message ?

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Do you want to write your message in a special way in Whatsapp  ? Do your friends write bold , italic or strikethrough text between message but you don’t know how do they write ? Let’s know today how do they write bold , italic or strikethrough text between message .

Whatsapp tricks to use bold italic text

Bold Text

To bold the text in whatsapp message use asterisk (*) before and after the text which you want to bold. For example if you want to bold the word HELLO then write like this *HELLO*  and this will look in like this message HELLO (to reader).

Italic text

The text which you want to italic in whatsapp message use underscore ( _ )

for example if you write _HELLO_ that it will  hello in whatsapp message .


If you want to strike through any word in whatsapp message than use tilde (~) before and after the word

for example if you use ~HELLO~ than it will look like this in message HELLO


If you want to make combination of italic , bold text than you have to download whatsapp version V2.12.535 or higher.

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