How To Transfer Files Without Registration ?

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Do you want to transfer any file with your friends or relative in super quick  way ? Usually we need to upload file on email or any other sever before sending the file and then your friend download that file from that email or sever . Thus that files remain saved on third-party server.

If you want third-party server should not save your file and your friend get that file directly from your computer through peer-peer sharing than let’s know about some option for peer-to-peer file sharing .

Peer to peer file sharing options


  • Open this website in your browser
  • Then select your file on this site which you want to share.
  • Then you’ll get a URL
  • Share that URL with your friend (on this URL your friend will see a file download link)
  • While file sharing both browser (your and your friend’s) should be open .
  • If you close your browser your friend will not be able to download that file.


  • URL of this peer-to-peer sharing website
  • On this site you get a code as soon as you start to share file .
  • Your friend can add with sharing link by using that code
  • And thus you can easily transfer your file with safe way .


  • URL of this website
  • This site provides you a URL for peer-to-peer sharing .
  • You can protect file with password .

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