How To Recover Data From Your Memory Card (SD Card) ?

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In today’s life every person keeps his data in small memory card and thus he can use his data anywhere anytime . But Have you ever thought how much should we belive these SD cards (memory cards) ? If these SD cards get corrupted than you may lose important data, but don’t worry this post is for you if you lost your SD cards data than read this post how can we recover our lost data ?

Repair corrupted sd cards

Got to the website

If there is any error in memory card than do not format your card, because format will erase your data forever. If your data is on SDHC card then for reading this card you need SDHC device . Software upgrades maybe available for some devices, upgrade your device with these software upgrades than device may read card data. Visit device manufacturer website and check is there any upgrade available ? This may solve your problem .

Use error checking option

You can scan your memory card, for this go search your card through my computer or windows explorer then right-click on it, than go to properties. Here you will see pie chart in new window. Now click on tools and then error checking . Now click on check box of  automatically fixing file system errors.

Use file recovery softwares

Many times we see directories in memory card but we can’t access that card. In such case right-click on drive later than select properties . Look at used space of device on pie chart, If you see any free space than either all files got deleted or directory got erased.In such case take the help of files recovery software.

If card is being read but files are not getting saved than maybe because of right protection on files .

Insert card in reader

If drive latter is not assigned for card on your computer, than computer will not read the card. In some cases drive latter will be assigned to reader but when you click on it you’ll see instruction to insert drive but still card will not get read .If your memory card is not working with particular reader than try with another reader.

Video (Repair corrupt memory cards)

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