Boost Your Wi-Fi Speed.

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improve wi-fi signals in your home zone

Thus You Can Boost Your Wi-Fi Speed

If you are worried due to slow speed of Wi-Fi at your home than here are some tips to boost your home Wi-Fi speed. Use following tips in order to boost your home Wi-Fi speed.

Keep Your Hardware Latest

First of all your hardware should be latest and reliable. If your router is A, B or G category than it will be wise decision to change your router. You can use wireless N router.

Place of Your Router

Your router may not look good but that does not mean that you should keep that router somewhere in corner or inside the TV cabinet, actually you should keep your router somewhere at open place and not just parallel of wall of your room. Your Wi-Fi shall give better signals at open place.

Correct Wireless Channel

If your neighbours also use Wi-Fi than it is possible that your Wi-Fi signals and your neighbour’s Wi-Fi signals may impinge. In such situation you can use Wi-Fi stumbler or analyzer to set good frequency channel of Wi-Fi.

Set Schedule Reboot

Your router maybe slows due to heat, old firmware or excess downloading. In such case you should reboot your router. For this the best way is set a schedule reboot for your router in a day.


I hope after using above tips you’re getting good Wi-Fi signals. If you have any other tips which can boost Wi-Fi signals than please share in comment box.



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