For centuries the mysterious music playing in the desert areas of Morocco

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There are many places in the desert of Morocco, where people hear music remains mysterious. The same music in the 13th century when Marco Polo also had heard, when he first visited China. People believe that the ghosts of music that has been heard for centuries.

For centuries the mysterious music playing in the desert areas of Morocco

Maybe some people manning the ghosts, do so to frighten passersby. Listening to the music that has been heard in the desert areas Everyone is shocked. Many people tried to learn main cause of music, but yet nobody have found no one root cause of the mysterious music.


The size of the sand particles and the recession of the main factors that sound like music. All these processes on a flow of air in the atmosphere is music as a spread. If the density of sand is much more than sand because of the wind is rapidly eroding. These conditions different tunes of music emanates.


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