Matebux Review – A social network that pays .

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Matebux is this a scam ?

Review of matebux , we’ll review this website before investing in it . We should always dig information about any online earning site before investing in the programe .

Matebux Review

Is matebux a paying site ? Is it scam , will it really pay me ?


Matebux is a new kind of ptc website . It has nice design and there is a social network inside the login area that’s why site says – a social network that pays . It’s seems very promising ptc website . This ptc is newly launched and I peronaly think it’ll get popular very soon like clixsense .

Website Information

Domain name :

Title : A social network that pays .

Safe browsingmatebux is can be listed as safe site and it’s not suspicious .

Http securematebux does not use secure http connection , that means all communications are not encrypted , It’s a good practice to shop or do online transaction with only HTTP secured websites , as all the information remain encrypted and cannot be intercepted .

Validity of domain : Created on 2015-09-16 – Expires on 2017-09-16

Rating : Currently is giving only 1 out of 5 because site is new as soon as matebux get more popularity we’ll increase this rating . But we are recommending this site to join . Your reviews via comment may affect this rating and it may go high or low .


  1. The site seems very promising .
  2. Free mebership is available and upgarde cost only $20 per year which is very low upgrade amount for a year and this gives you confidence to invest in this ptc .
  3. Free member earns only $0.01 per day by viewing advertisement .
  4. Play free games – the site will not bore you because you can play games and socialize your life .
  5. Complete tasks and offers and earn more .
  6. Refer and earn more if you can’t refer then you can rent referrals .
  7. You can buy sharing position – it’s revenue share scheme of this site .
  8. Minimu withdrawal is only $2 .

Does Matebux site accept Bitcoins ?

Yes , matebux started to accept bitcoin and pays through bitcoin as well . So Bitcoin lovers a ptc site with good earning opportunity has already launched and it’s time to harvest money from it or if you’re thinking to advertise your referral link or affiliate link then it can be a good site from the point of advertiser . Beside bitcoin this site also accept Payza , Paypal , Perfectmoney and Neteller .

Let’s fight against scam websites , you can contribute through comment about matebux and help other people to save them from getting scamed online  .

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