Eat Banana In Rain Season

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What to say about banana in rain season . Banana contains Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin and Folic acid as vitamin A and vitamin B in plenty .

banana for health banana is good for health eat banana in rainy season

Other than this Banana is also known for good source of energy . Actually Banana contains Vitamin A, Potassium and vitamin B-6 . One banana contains approx. 105 calories which can save our body from any kind of weakness .

If you have tired after doing hard exercise or yoga than eat one banana , it will immediately give you energy by increasing glucose level.

It controls BP

The Banana contains a lot of Potassium but less Sodium thus this can control your blood pressure. It do not let your body dehydrate. It saves you from heart attacks and stroks . The banana contains many vitamin and minerals which also saves you from acidity problems , ulcers kind of disease.

The banana contains fiber that improves digestion .


so eat banana in rainy season keep your body healthy healthy . 🙂

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