Know Terms Related To Wireless Technology.


Today so many wireless technologies are available in market so let’s know some terms related to wireless technology.

wi-fi new terms or words

Everyday new technologies come in market that we cannot remember their names and knowing their details is far thing. Now in such situation if someone says to you that connect your gadgets with DLNA, can you understand this new term? If this is first time you are listening this word or reading than you have no idea what is DLNA? So let’s know some terms related to wireless technology.

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Boost Your Wi-Fi Speed.

improve wi-fi signals in your home zone

Thus You Can Boost Your Wi-Fi Speed

If you are worried due to slow speed of Wi-Fi at your home than here are some tips to boost your home Wi-Fi speed. Use following tips in order to boost your home Wi-Fi speed.

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Are files missing from pen drive?

Sometimes on connection of pendrive or memory card to the computer it doesn’t show files and folders.
When you see the storage, than those files can be seen taking memory space but they don’t visible in drive.
Let’s find some ways to know them.

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How TO Use Bold And Italic Text In Whtasapp Message ?

Do you want to write your message in a special way in Whatsapp  ? Do your friends write bold , italic or strikethrough text between message but you don’t know how do they write ? Let’s know today how do they write bold , italic or strikethrough text between message .

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How To Recover Data From Your Memory Card (SD Card) ?

In today’s life every person keeps his data in small memory card and thus he can use his data anywhere anytime . But Have you ever thought how much should we belive these SD cards (memory cards) ? If these SD cards get corrupted than you may lose important data, but don’t worry this post is for you if you lost your SD cards data than read this post how can we recover our lost data ?

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How To Transfer Files Without Registration ?

Do you want to transfer any file with your friends or relative in super quick  way ? Usually we need to upload file on email or any other sever before sending the file and then your friend download that file from that email or sever . Thus that files remain saved on third-party server.

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Best followers On Twitter And Instagram

If you promote yourself or your business through social networks just like twitter and instagram , then you always want to know that  followers on these social networks how much  involved with your business . If you can know about more engaged followers of your business then it may help you to prepare strategy according to them .

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Thus you can find your lost smart phone .

In todays time smartphone is like lifeline for everybody . If ever your smart mobile get lost then that will be a critical situation for you . Many times we lose our samrt phone here and there in our home and then we forget about that . We may forget our phone at  friend’s home , some where at shop counter .

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