Indian Large Amount Note Ban Has Boosted Bitcoin Price.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi decision to ban 500 and  1000 rupees notes has boosted bitcoin price.

The Bitcoin trading volume has increased in past many days after Prime Minister’s announcement that the 500 and 1000 rupees notes no more accepted in whole India except banks.

Indian Government note ban effect on Bitcoin, that Bitcoin price has sparked

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Strategy To Earn From Cloud Mining Websites

Hello readers we know everyone likes to earn some extra money online without doing much hard work. Many users fall in PTC business or revenue share/HYIP websites but guess what the final result they get ? It’s easy to answer because we know every PTC or revenue share or HYIP or LML programs are Ponzi scams so the result is only loss .

Only website owner or big fish earns some return otherwise most users lose their hard-earned money . So the question is why we should invest in those scam programs ? obviously we should stay away from scams but there are some legit business available online. Yes I’m trying to point your attention towards some legit cloud mining business.

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Bitsrapid Review – Is it scam cloud mining site ?

Bitsrapid is American cloud mining company established in SAN FRANCISCO. This company was the result of studying crypto currency industry for past 3 years . This study resulted in development tow tire solution .

1st tire was cloud mining solution . This cloud mining solution allows both newbies and experienced crypto currency miners to mine bitcoin with huge profit gain and significant ROI without investing in any equipment .The second tier is their revolutionary universal crypto-currency mining.

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Topmine Review – Is it Scam ?

Topmine is free cloud mining site where users can mine various available altcoins on the site just for free or can buy additional Terax power to generate high revenue . Today we shall review is this business trustworthy or scam ?

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BatBlob – A New Cool Faucet .

Faucets are the good  way to earn money with no extra skills required. You just have to visit faucet after few interval of time and they give you some reward. We always work hard to find the best faucet for you so that you don’t have to.

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TopMine – Mine Bitcoin , Litecoin , Ethereum For Free .

Do you want extra Bitcoin (Other crypto coins) in your pocket with less work and efforts ? It is much better then claiming on a faucet website because on cloud mining site you don’t need to solve any captcha or antibot link again and again . It is pretty tricky work and kind of fun to play with moving numbers .

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