How to use Bitcoin php faucet script in wordpress .

Bitcoin ,

Recently I have seen a topic in bitcointalk forum some users were intrested to know how to use faucet script within wordpress . We know wordpres have many free tamplates , most of the faucets are created with their default theme so they look ugly and do not stand alone in the crowd of 1000s of faucets .

I was also thinking it is not possible to use faucet script with wordpress but one day I googled and got my answer and then I created this blog with xapo faucet script (faucetbuilder script) . Now I want to share that easy method with you and want to see many faucets with new designs and looks . It’s a good news for whole faucet community . Isn’t it ?

Read and follow the following steps to intigrate your faucet within wordpress we’ll do it by making custom template page .

  1. Install wordpress on your hosting .
  2. Go to /wp-content/themes/themename/ and install your faucet with in new folder but create a new database for faucet .
  3. Now open that new folder in which you installed your faucet script and rename the file index.php to myfaucet.php and move this myfaucet.php to this path /wp-content/themes/themename/
  4. Open the file myfaucet.php in code editor and at the top put below code .
  5. <?php
    Template Name: myfaucet
  6. Now login to wordpress admin area and create a new page in the page editing screen at right side you’ll see a template dropdown list under Attributes widget , here you can see new template name which we created in the step 5 myfaucet select this template , update or publish the page .
  7. Now your faucet will be showing on new page .
  8. You’ll have to do little work to adapt that page with your wordpress design which will not take more then 5 minutes .

Advantages : There are many advantages to create your faucet in wordpress -:

  1. As I mentioned above you can get your custom design for your faucet so your faucet looks unique from other ordinary faucets .
  2. You can post your thoughts, articles on your blogs – your faucet users will get engage with your blog contents and will spend more time on your site .
  3. You can interact with your faucet users – you can know their problems , suggestions , ideas , thoughts through comments and reply them .
  4. You can post more and more contents on your blog and thus you can drive search engine traffic to your site .
  5. Adsense accepts only those sites which have enough contents on site , thus you can fulfill the adsense tos requirements .
  6. Adsense accepts only sites which have quality contents , adding good contents you may get accepted by adsense.
  7. Adding more and more contents to your blog you protects your adsense account from getting banned .
  8. You don’t need to make a saprate mobile version of your site for mobile users because most of the wordpress templates are mobile friendly .
  9. You can also share Media and pictures besides text articles . This can increase your ctr of your faucet page .

Enjoy your custom designed faucet , I hope you like this article . Please share your experience and problems while following above steps .

About Author:

I'm Bitcoin enthusiast I believe crypto technology will change the world fully in near future - the way of doing business , the way of buying goods and services . Bitcoin is already playing it's role but more crypto coins will be developed in the future . The crypto technology will change whole economy the world . I started my 1st faucet with ugly look and design but I sold that to someone and created this blog with a faucet page . I'm not a good writer basically my English sucks but I still write to share tips , ideas , thoughts , reviews .

28 thoughts on “How to use Bitcoin php faucet script in wordpress .

  1. fukwit

    Good post however I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more
    on this topic? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit further.

      1. Daniel

        Hello bro,
        I really love what your doing here. I own 2 faucets and for some time now I have been reading and following your blog post especially this one that concerns faucet on wordpress website.
        I wish to know if faucetbox script could be used for this and if you could be of assistance to install this for me on my wordpress site?

        Your kind reply will be highly appreciated and your assistance valued.

        I wait your reply via private email message.

        Thank you and remain blessed


          1. Dennis

            May I know how were you able to include anti-bot links to your xapo faucet? I’ve seen some tutorials but they are mainly for faucetbox script. I would really appreciate it if you can share with me how this can be done with xapo script faucet. Thank you so much.

  2. Anna

    i tried it, but in wp i always get the message that the theme is broke, because css stylesheet is missing. and i can not add the theme under attributes? i would really appreciate your help! thanks for the instructions!

  3. Danoman

    Hi there
    Thank you very much for this useful informations how to implement a faucetscript to WordPress.
    I have alredy done all steps and i get shown the template “myfaucet” when i´m creating a new site.
    But the page can not be load. it jump back to the previous site with IE with Firefox i got shown a bit of the content of the myfaucet.php. Check my site… What i´m doing wrong?

    Thank you for your reply

  4. Ducnhien

    I did like you say, but erorr:
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file, expecting variable (T_VARIABLE) or heredoc end (T_END_HEREDOC) or ${ (T_DOLLAR_OPEN_CURLY_BRACES) or {$ (T_CURLY_OPEN) in /home/u766577606/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/themes/twentyfourteen/myfaucet.php on line 826

    Help me, please

  5. Victor Andriamihaja

    can you help me please?
    i found your post very helpful but i’m a little bit confused.
    what should i do to integrate perfectly the faucet script like yours please?
    thank you 🙂

    1. admin

      when you install faucet script you’ll see index.php file in faucet folder for exapmle if you install xapo faucet-builder script then it will be installed in faucet-builder folder so go to this folder there you’ll see index.php file just rename it , because if we move it into theme folder without renaming faucet index.php file then it’ll just replace the index.php file that already exist in theme folder .

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