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Do you want extra Bitcoin (Other crypto coins) in your pocket with less work and efforts ? It is much better then claiming on a faucet website because on cloud mining site you don’t need to solve any captcha or antibot link again and again . It is pretty tricky work and kind of fun to play with moving numbers .

Hello reader I want to recommend you a cloud mining site to join if you wish to earn extra crypto coin like Bitcoin ,  Ethereum , Litecoin , Dogecoin , Dashcoin etc. without inputting extra efforts and time . It’s kind of fun for me to earn extra Bitcoin for free . What have I done for this fun ? Guess ……. ? No answer ? ……… 🙂 ok I have just done a simple sign up here , What ? just signup ? Yes buddy just signup . 🙂 And clicked on mining button and then closed the tab now Topmine website is automatically mining my desired coin when I shall reach to minimum withdrawal limit then I’ll withdraw my coin or instead of coin I’ll withdraw USD :p . Isn’t it kind of fun ? 🙂 Just try it and you would love it .

How this cloud mining works ?

This site work very simple just signup , verify your signup request and then login to your account , then after just click on the Start Mining button of the coin you want to mine .

What is TeraX ?

TeraX is the feature of this site . In simple words if you have more TeraX your mining speed will increase . On your signup you’ll be given 5 free TeraX .

If you ask me which coin to mine ? I would suggest split 50/50 . I mean to say you can rotate the coin half TeraX and half the coin you want to withdraw (eg. Bitcoin) . You can mine only one coin at a time so rotate daily or weekly .

Have question regarding yo this site feel free to ask via comment .

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I'm Bitcoin enthusiast I believe crypto technology will change the world fully in near future - the way of doing business , the way of buying goods and services . Bitcoin is already playing it's role but more crypto coins will be developed in the future . The crypto technology will change whole economy the world . I started my 1st faucet with ugly look and design but I sold that to someone and created this blog with a faucet page . I'm not a good writer basically my English sucks but I still write to share tips , ideas , thoughts , reviews .

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