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Hello readers we know everyone likes to earn some extra money online without doing much hard work. Many users fall in PTC business or revenue share/HYIP websites but guess what the final result they get ? It’s easy to answer because we know every PTC or revenue share or HYIP or LML programs are Ponzi scams so the result is only loss .

Only website owner or big fish earns some return otherwise most users lose their hard-earned money . So the question is why we should invest in those scam programs ? obviously we should stay away from scams but there are some legit business available online. Yes I’m trying to point your attention towards some legit cloud mining business.

I hope you’ll understand what do I want to say . I only want to guide you to the right path but the final decision will be your that which path you select and the result will be according to that path .

If you are working with PTC websites for earning some extra bucks than probably you have seen many cloud mining websites advertisement. Internet trends changes everyday so the new trend of investors is Bitcoin or ALT coin cloud mining .

What is cloud mining ?

I’ll try to explain you in easy words that what is cloud mining ? Cloud mining is new kind of business . Cloud mining websites allows you to mine Bitcoin or other Alt coin without buying any expensive equipment . You invest in cloud mining websites and they buy equipments in behalf of you and maintain those equipments . They also bear electricity cost of running resources , they install mining software in bought equipments and mine Bitcoin or other Alt coin and give you daily % of return on total mined coin thus mining companies and you (investor) both earn money .

Now you decide isn’t it a good business for investment than investing in Ponzi (PTC?HYIP etc.) business ? Smart you said yes it’s good business . I know now you want to know more about this business . Now you have many questions how cloud mining works ? How much return you can earn on your investment ? etc .I’ll answer your all questions one by one .

Can a cloud mining site be Ponzi/scam ?

Yes , scammers are everywhere on internet but don’t worry I’ll guide you to the right path where you’ll not get scammed . I’ll list some legit cloud mining websites which are running from long time and paying daily and they have their data centers (Mining equipment).Scammers take your money but do not buy mining equipment to do legit business and they initially pay old investors money invested by new investors .

Trusted Crypto Coin Mining Websites

There are many mining websites are online but all are not legit . I trust only following websites because these sites are serving best service for a long time and these sites also have huge user base who trust on these sites and they invested a good amount of money to generate more money in form of crypto coins .

  1. Genesis-Mining – This is most trusted mining website . While buying mining power on this site use this promo code ( jentZo ) to get 3% discount in the price . With this site you can mine various crypto currencies eg. ETH , BTC , LTC , DOGE etc.
  2. Hashocean – The second most trusted bitcoin mining website which is online for more than 3 years and will remain online for more 100 years . This site gives 15 KHS free mining power for 30 days if you do not buy additional power within 30 days you’ll lose that power . so it’s better to invest some money in order to take benefit of free mining power . You will daily earn 11000 satoshi with 15 KHS power for 30 days .
  3. Bitsrapid – The third most trusted site which looks like Hashocean and allows only bitcoin mining . This site also give 15 KHS mining power to new users for 30 days same as Hashocean .

Strategy To Earn With Cloud Mining Websites

Here I’m writing my strategy that I’m using currently to earn more and more bitcoin . The strategy is very simple and do not require any special skill or investment . I’m sharing this strategy because people don’t like to invest from their own pocket and because people likes free money 😀 . Ok let’s start…………..

  1. First get an account on Bitcointalk Forum , it’s free 🙂
  2. Than participate in various discussion in the forum. Thus your account activity will increase and your member rank too . Try to get “Full Member” rank in forum . it’s free 🙂
  3. Than participate in a signature campaign , it’s free 🙂
  4. Here in this topic you can find all active signature campaigns .
  5. Before joining campaign read the terms and conditions of the campaign , otherwise you will not get paid anything .
  6. I recommend select a campaign which pays daily or weekly .
  7. Than whatever you earn invest that money in above mentioned mining website because money attracts more money its simple rule. More you invest more you earn .
  8. Thus after few weeks/months you’ll see you are earning handsome income without doing much work .
  9. This is not get rich quick scheme its pure business if you opt it you’ll see profit and only profit .
  10. If you do not want to waste your time in forum posting or signature campaigns etc than invest from your pocket but believe me you are not wasting your time and money you’ll get good profit from above mentioned cloud mining websites .

If you have any question please comment , But remember this simple rule money attracts more money so if you want more money than you have to through some money to attract more money just like magnet attracts other magnet .

I show you both path in first path you do not need to invest anything from your pocket but that may take long time to earn money and the second way is little investment that will attract more money automatically .

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