Popular Bitcoin Faucet Scripts – Their Pros And Cons

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Are you searching or Googling for bitcoin faucet scripts ? This article will help you to chose your bitcoin script. I’ll post about all available bitcoin faucet script , their pros and cons so you’ll be able to chose your best faucet script out of all available popular scripts .

“If you are a newbie to bitcoin and want to know what’s the hell this bitcoin and bitcoin faucet then visit this article to get some information about bitcoin . ”

Let’s come to the point . I created my 1st faucet with a ready made xapo api based script everything was going well but one day a guy contacted me and whished to buy my faucet site so I sold my first faucet site but after waiting 2 weeks I decided to create another faucet then I created this site and now I wish to run it for long term .At first time I thought there is only one faucet script but later I came to know there are many scripts and I’m going to write about each scripts .

1. Faucetbox

Faucetbox is micropayment website which pays bitcoins in tiny amounts e..g. payments in satoshi.Faucetbox has it’s own faucet script . This script is mostly used by faucet owners . Almost 95% faucets are created using this script . Here are pros and cons of this script – :


  1. Easy to install – Installation does not take more then five minutes .
  2. As I said above almost 95% faucets are created using this script. That means It has very large userbase and more users means more traffic , More then 1000 ative faucets and daily 4-5 faucets are created using faucetinabox script .
  3.  If you create faucet using this script your faucet will be added in Faucetbox official faucet list which will drive traffic to your faucet page , as I said this script has huge userbase so it’s official faucet list will drive more traffic to your site .
  4. The Owner of the Faucetbox always trying to add new features. He updates this script time to time .Mostly he tries to add features which protects faucet from bot attacks .
  5. Multiple captcha support – you can easily chose which captcha you want to use e.g. Funcaptcha , G-recaptcha , Solvemedia etc.
  6. Customizable themes – You can make your faucet design unique . If you have programming skills you can design your faucet unique . If you don’t have programming skills then you can always hire a programmer to design and I don’t think it’ll cost you much .
  7. This script supports multiple coins e.g. Bitcoin , Dogecoin , Litecoin , Dash coin etc. It means apart from bitcoin faucet you can create multicoin faucet site .
  8.  Download this script from here .


  1. This is open source faucet script so mostly attacked by bots and hackers .Bot developers know how to buypass captcha validation in faucetbox script so there is a big risk to lose your coins by bot attacks .
  2. It’s hard to know who is claiming from your faucet. Cheaters can use proxies and multipel BTC address to claim more then once and it is a hard job to catch those cheaters .
  3. Hard to know which is bot address since bitcoin wallet address looks like a md 5 hash string so hard to judge a address that’s used by  bot .

2. Epay

Epay is a well known bitcoin micro transaction processor .


  1.  Easy to install .
  2. Multi coin feature – same as faucetbox Epay also going to add this feature .
  3. Epay faucet script is free but they also have paid vip scripts Wheel and Scratch , if you want to make your faucet stand alone then you can try vip scripts .
  4. You can see compleate transaction report in your admin panel , last five transaction with hash codes , graphical  charts . You can also filtter transactions .
  5. Epay has their own rotator which will help you to bring  traffic to your faucet .
  6. Download script from here .


  1. Epay script is not popular as faucetbox so less userbase and less traffic .
  2. The free script may have security issues same as faucetbox script so it’s better to buy vip scripts .
  3. The two vip scripts will cost you money so you’ll need more initial investment before you starts to earn from your faucet traffic .

3. Paytoshi

Paytoshi is 3rd popular micro payment processor , it also has own faucet script .


  1. Paytoshi has ready to use script  integrated with Paytoshi’s API .
  2. Admin area for statistics .
  3. Unlike faucetbox paytoshi has no deposit fee .
  4. You can manage multiple faucet sites with same account .
  5. Customizable themes – modify faucet design as per your need .
  6. Easy installation – Minimal configuration required .
  7. Like faucetbox Paytoshi also has their own faucet list .
  8. Download script from here , a live demo for you .


  1. Like Faucetbox , Paytoshi does not have huge userbase
  2. At the time of writting this article there were only 82 faucets in their list .
  3. Their list is not much popular so it’ll not help you to bring loads of traffic .
  4. Paytoshi script is also not much secure , bot can easily drain your balance .

4. Mini-Faucet-Script

Mini faucet script free open source faucet script created by a developer (“Elbandi” his username on bitcointalk forum) and he shared it for free to use .


  1. Easy to install .
  2. This scritp supports multiple wallet providers – Coinbase , Faucetbox , Xapo , Blockchain and own bitcoin daemon .
  3. You can easily customize if you want to make your faucet stand alone and unique .
  4. Supports multiple captcha .
  5. Proxy protection feature .
  6. Download this script from here , a demo for you .


  1. This open source script also can’t protect faucet from bots althogh it has proxy protection feature .
  2. There is no faucet list or rotators for this type of scripts but there are many faucet list and rotator owners they will promote your faucet if you ask them to add your faucet in their list or rotator.
  3. You have to promote your faucet yourself .

5. Xapo Faucet Script

Xapo is a wallet provider it does not has official faucet script but maybe they may launch a official script in near future .Xapo faucet has huge demand and public loves this kind of faucet because they can claim free satoshi just by entering their email address .

There is an open source faucet script that uses Xapo api named “Faucetbuilder” .

Pros .

  1. Xapo has huge userbase .
  2. Xapo wallet is very secure as a faucet owner or a user I feel my bitcoins are more secure then any other wallet provider .
  3. Your wallet account can’t be hacked by hackers unless you make any mistake .
  4. Instant payout to users to their wallet and no threshholds to use your fund .
  5. Faucetbuilder is easy to customize .
  6. If you need any help regarding installation of this script let me know through comment .
  7. You can download faucetbuilder script here , I’m using the same script here so it’s perfact live demo for you 🙂 .

Cons .

  1. This script is also not bot proof but I created some modifications and got succes to autoblock bots atleast somewhat helpfull 😀 .
  2. Many users don’t like to claim using their email address though this is not disadvantage because user can also claim using their btc key but in this case there will be a threshold limit of 5500 satoshi to get payout this not a big threshold .
  3. If you use this script you’ll need a Xapo account but Xapo need many personal details like phone number , govt. issued id etc . but I don’t think it’s a disadvantage because I get bank level security for my funds and Xapo a reputed company .
  4. User may use multiple emails to claim multiple times but I have block feature to block users if they cought doing cheating .

6. PhpFaucet Script

I also don’t know much about this script , it’s a new script for me too . Now days the userbase of this script is slowly growing .


  1. This script also supports multiple coins like Bitcoin , Dogecoin , Darkcoin , Litecoin , Peercoin etc .
  2. Easy and quick Installion process .
  3. Tow ways to process payouts ether direct to wallet payout or through AsMoney .
  4. Easy to change template.
  5. Mass pay or automatic withdrawal .
  6. Download this script form github , you can see demo on official website .


  1. Only one captcha supports i.e. solvemedia (this is not issue you can change captcha if you have little programing knowledge.)
  2. I’m not sure but this faucet script is also not secured from bot users .
  3. Low userbase – although its userbase is growing but still it has low userbase compared to faucetbox or xapo faucet script .

7. Faucetbox Dice Script

I would like to thank Coinables for making his dice script open source .

As I said abobe almost 95% faucet owner using faucetbox but after launch of this script many users are switching to this script because this script also supposrts faucetbox api and have better security then faucetbox .Users are switching to this dice script because it has inbuilt hi-low game (dice game) .


  1. Easy to install .
  2. Supports faucetbox payouts .
  3. Inbuilt Hi-Low gambling game .
  4. Comes with antibot link feature .
  5. Getting more popular among faucet onwer .
  6. Download dice faucet script from github , a live demo for you .


I did’t  use this script and didn’t find any cons but yes I’m sure this script also cant’t 100%  prevent bots . Bots are big problem for every faucet owner .

8. Quantum Script

This script was developed by the coder Areeb . It’s a very nice faucet script but it’s not free you’ll have to buy it paying little cost .


  1. Light weight and easy to install – installation process does not take more then 5 minutes .
  2. Good security against intruders .
  3. Well secured admin panel .
  4. This script automatically detects multiple accounts (cheaters accounts) .
  5. Supports only direct to wallet payout but if you need other payout mode then you can modify script .
  6. Customizable themes .
  7. Supports weekly payouts and only users who has accumulated more than XXXX satoshis gets liable for a payout and is automatically displayed in the admin panel .
  8. Buy script and check demo  here .


  1. Register process – other faucets are paying without registration so users may avoid this faucet because of registration process .
  2. Low quality captcha at registration page .
  3. Email verification takes time .

9. Custom Script

All above scripts are ready made but if you want your custom script then you’ll have to hire coder for this job and it may cost you $300 – $400 . The main advantage of custom script is less bot attacks and it will be according to your need .

How to maintain a faucet and keep it alive ?

Many faucet owner makes faucet but within a week they realise that it’s dificult to keep their faucet alive paying free money from their own pocket . First you should know why faucets are created ? – the main aim of faucets are to generate revenue from advertisement on the page , this revenue helps your faucet keeps alive . 99% faucets are created for earning purpose and 99% revenue source will be only advertisements .

Make a proper strategy before launching a faucet – : Many admins create faucet with high rewards , few days everything works fine but as soon as amount of traffic grows his funds strat to reduce very fast and soon faucet get dried by visitors . To avoid this situation you should set reward according to your available funds , you should think before setting reward amount that if faucet get empty then how will you rifill it ?

If you start with high reward and your faucet get empty soon and if you are not ready to face this situation then you have only tow options – either to let your faucet die or to refill it with a small amount and reduce the reward amount.If you start a higher reward faucet and suddenly reduces the reward it leaves negative impression on users , they might not visit your faucet page again . To avoid this situation :

  • Create a faucet only if you have enough and adequate funds , keeping this point in mind that you want to run your faucet for longer time . You should keep these points in your mind that there will be hosting cost , domain renewal cost and their might be other misc. cost . You should have enough fund to run your faucet atleast for a month .
  • Your primery aim should be to keep your faucet stable , you should not rush for making money .
  • Keep your faucet neat and clean don’t put pop-ups ads otherwise visitors will not come back to your site , don’t ad any method to annoy users e.g. limit exceeded etc . and keep antibot links easy to solve .
  • Don’t trust initial stats of revenue it might not be enough to maintain or rifill your faucet balance , revenue may increase as time passes and traffic grows .
  • First start with low reward keep this reward for a week because within a week you’ll get good estimate of daily traffic and funds required to payout daily , after that if you feel comfortable you may increase reward slowly .
  • Learn how to prevent bots raping your faucet these bitcointalk forum topic may help you visit this topic to learn .
  • Avoid using free domain and hosting because free domain and hosting have some limitaions and may stop working at any time .
  • Don’t put so much banners and advertisements , follow the rules of ad companies otherwise they may ban your site and you won’t be able to use their ads .
  • Don’t put all your funds in  same wallet if any day it get hacked or  bot attacks your faucet while you’re sleeping then what ? you may lose all your coins .

Is faucet site profitable ?

You may be intrested to know the answer of this quetion is it worth to run a faucet ? I would ask a counter question to you to answer your question that why there are many faucet websites live and active and why everyday new faucets are created ? Yes you are thinking correct because there is a profit of adrevenue . But most faucet owners ends up with a loss paying free money from their own pocket because of lack of strategy .

If your faucet revenue is not breaking even then you should quit or consider it as an investment (if you think you’ll profit in future) and do new experiments to increase your revenue. One of the best and last opinion invest only what you can afford to loose .

I hope you like this article let me know which faucet script you are going to use and why ? Share your experience of running a faucet with us .

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