CLDMine Review – Scam or Legit ?

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CLDmine is well-known cloud mining website giving 285% return on investment . Although CLDmine allows you to mine as a free member without any investment but we should review before investing or joining this cloud mining site . Ok lets review CLDmine .

CLD mine is scam .

CLDMine Review


Is CLDmine paying ? Is it legit or scam or Ponzi site? Should you trust this business ?


CLDmine offers cloud mining service . You don’t need expensive hardware and you don’t need to burn electricity for mining crypto coins (alt coins) . They offers 1.5% per day return on your initial investment. You can withdraw your money at anytime or you can reinvest to mine more coins . Basically you can get your initial investment back within 3 months . Well if you don’t have money to invest , you can still mine coin because when you sign up you’ll get 1500 doge coin and 10 doge everyday as login bonus . You can use this bonus to buy CLD power which can be used to mine Bitcoin or another alt coin .

Website Information

Domain name :

Title : Start earning crypto currency today !

Safe browsing : Yes it’s safe to browse .

Http secure : Yes it’s secured website .

Validity of domain : This domain was registered on September 30, 2015  and expires on September 30, 2018 .

Rating : CLDmine is more than 150 days old site but it’s paying on time and users trust this site so is giving 4/5 stars to CLDmine . Please help us to filter scam website by posting your reviews via comments .


CLDmine has following features – :

  1. First of all it provides free cloud mining service even if you don’t have money to invest .
  2. Daily 1.5% return that means return on investment within 3 months .
  3. They pay instantly .
  4. Good online support .
  5. More than 200000 users registered on this site .

Does CLDmine accepts Bitcoin ?

Yes CLDmine accepts all alt coin which it allows you to mine as well as Bitcoin and Paypal , Visa (debit/credit card) etc .

Let’s fight against scam websites , you can contribute through comment about CLDmine and help other people to save them from getting scammed online  . Thank you for reading 🙂

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