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Faucets are the good  way to earn money with no extra skills required. You just have to visit faucet after few interval of time and they give you some reward. We always work hard to find the best faucet for you so that you don’t have to.

In the list of highest pay faucets we have new faucet in town and name is batblob that  is slowly gaining ground in the top faucets out there. This faucet is seems very promising and pays really good.

BatBlob High paying faucet site

How this faucet work ?

Many of the times faucets are very annoying, you have to solve multiple captchas then you get claim. The reason I like this faucet and say batblob is among top paying faucet because they are simple, secure and heigh.

As you go to the they have very simple interface which ask for your wallet address. If you are registered with this faucet they will ask for password and if not then they will take you to their register page which is hardly 20 sec process.

Once you login, you are all set. Just click on the google recaptcha and then claim satoshi button, as you click a modal appears that tells your random number and the amount of satoshi you won.

Pros of Batblob

  • The good thing about this faucet is they give heigh rewards and are transparent. These guys have probability table on which your earning rely.
  • Faucet is clean and easy to navigate, this site don’t bother its user by popping ads up and hiding claim button etc.
  • One of the best thing I like about them is their service, they are always their to answer you query. I mean there user service is awesome. You don’t believe me check their page .
  • Every month they offer coupon code, that may worth between 1K – 5K and can be reedemed any time.


Cons of Batblob

  • Their payout threshold is a bit big, therefore sometimes cash out seems at big distance. But is If you have a good luck and you get 70,000 satoshi then don’t worry about threshold.
  • They are new, than you know I become a bit difficult to count of new people. I my case, I believed on them because their user services are good and their bitcointalk page is trustworthy.


At a final note of highest paying faucet, batblob pays average 650 satoshi per 12 min that makes it among top paying faucet and it is worth trying.

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