Alternative Of Faucetbox Micro Payment Website And Bitcoin Faucet Script.

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Are you looking for new Bitcoin micro payment service because your most popular micro payment service Faucetbox closed their doors in November 2016. I know many Bitcoin faucets owner are still looking for best alternative of faucetbox to keep their faucet live and running for their website users.

Bitcoin micro payment processors and alternative of faucetbox faucet

Faucetbox was most popular between all micro payment service, Bitcoin faucet owners and Bitcoin faucet users because it was providing nice security and it’s Bitcoin faucet script was also easy to install for users. This micro payment had huge users and it was on number 1st between all of micro payment services.

After faucetbox decided to close their service in the month November 2016 there was no better option or exact replacement of faucetbox micro payment service but soon new alternative has pop-up in front of all users who wanted to continue their Bitcoin faucet. Following are best alternative in my view both uses the same faucetinabox Bitcoin faucet script and they promise to  make it more secure than faucetbox.


When Faucetbox decided to close than a user of Bitcoin talk forum has announced that he will build a new micro payment platform and it’ll be much popular than Faucetbox. At the end of November 2016 he launched Faucethub.Io this micro payment service is easy to use and it is more secure than faucetbox as the owner said before launch. After Faucethub launch it’s user base growing day by day. It has some unique features that protect Bitcoin faucet from Bots that’s why Bitcoin faucet users are going with Faucethub.Io .


Faucetsystem launched before faucethub and this micropayment system is popular as faucethub. This works similarly like faucetbox was working and it has similar features like faucetbox provided to users. So overall I can say faucetsystem won the hearts of faucet owners and attracted lot of users that might become users of faucethub. User base of faucetsystem also growing day by day. As per their statistics at the time of writing this article total 2227k Api request has been made, total 586 bitcoin faucets were using faucetsystem.

These tow are came up as alternative of Faucetbox micro payment so chose your or you can use both micro bitcoin payment platform and give your feedback through comment. You can also read Popular Bitcoin Faucet Scripts – Their Pros And Cons .


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