Indian Large Amount Note Ban Has Boosted Bitcoin Price.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi decision to ban 500 and  1000 rupees notes has boosted bitcoin price.

The Bitcoin trading volume has increased in past many days after Prime Minister’s announcement that the 500 and 1000 rupees notes no more accepted in whole India except banks.

Indian Government note ban effect on Bitcoin, that Bitcoin price has sparked

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Know Terms Related To Wireless Technology.


Today so many wireless technologies are available in market so let’s know some terms related to wireless technology.

wi-fi new terms or words

Everyday new technologies come in market that we cannot remember their names and knowing their details is far thing. Now in such situation if someone says to you that connect your gadgets with DLNA, can you understand this new term? If this is first time you are listening this word or reading than you have no idea what is DLNA? So let’s know some terms related to wireless technology.

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Boost Your Wi-Fi Speed.

improve wi-fi signals in your home zone

Thus You Can Boost Your Wi-Fi Speed

If you are worried due to slow speed of Wi-Fi at your home than here are some tips to boost your home Wi-Fi speed. Use following tips in order to boost your home Wi-Fi speed.

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Weight can be reduced by drinking cold water.

Cold water is best for weight loss, Because the temperature of the water to bring the temperature to a level body has to burn calories.

cold water can reduce weight
according to German researchers after 10 minutes of drinking water increases the body’s Metabolizhm action.
Drinking 8 glasses of water a day of 200 ml measuring, about 35,000 calories in a year decreases.

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Are files missing from pen drive?

Sometimes on connection of pendrive or memory card to the computer it doesn’t show files and folders.
When you see the storage, than those files can be seen taking memory space but they don’t visible in drive.
Let’s find some ways to know them.

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Why airplane window are built round ?

As well as comfortable to travel in airplane is also very pleasant. Long-distance travel is concentrated in just a few minutes. If you travel by plane so many times, but have you ever thought about why the plane’s windows are round or oval?

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