Know Terms Related To Wireless Technology.


Today so many wireless technologies are available in market so let’s know some terms related to wireless technology.

wi-fi new terms or words

Everyday new technologies come in market that we cannot remember their names and knowing their details is far thing. Now in such situation if someone says to you that connect your gadgets with DLNA, can you understand this new term? If this is first time you are listening this word or reading than you have no idea what is DLNA? So let’s know some terms related to wireless technology.

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How To Recover Data From Your Memory Card (SD Card) ?

In today’s life every person keeps his data in small memory card and thus he can use his data anywhere anytime . But Have you ever thought how much should we belive these SD cards (memory cards) ? If these SD cards get corrupted than you may lose important data, but don’t worry this post is for you if you lost your SD cards data than read this post how can we recover our lost data ?

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