Alternative Of Faucetbox Micro Payment Website And Bitcoin Faucet Script.

Are you looking for new Bitcoin micro payment service because your most popular micro payment service Faucetbox closed their doors in November 2016. I know many Bitcoin faucets owner are still looking for best alternative of faucetbox to keep their faucet live and running for their website users.

Bitcoin micro payment processors and alternative of faucetbox faucet

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Know Terms Related To Wireless Technology.


Today so many wireless technologies are available in market so let’s know some terms related to wireless technology.

wi-fi new terms or words

Everyday new technologies come in market that we cannot remember their names and knowing their details is far thing. Now in such situation if someone says to you that connect your gadgets with DLNA, can you understand this new term? If this is first time you are listening this word or reading than you have no idea what is DLNA? So let’s know some terms related to wireless technology.

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The complete history of bitcoin hacking attempts


Using Bitcoins has become common today, but hacker attacks have as well. The Bitcoin currency has had continual problems with hacks since shortly after it began in January 2009. Hackers exploited a vulnerability in the programming protocol in August 2010, the result creation of 184 billion fake Bitcoins. However, after finding the bug the transactions were deleted.

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